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Hook 'em!

We've been SO lucky this year to be able to attend not one, but TWO Texas Longhorn football games!
We went to Austin a few weeks ago, compliments of my son-in-law (Thanks Steven!), to watch Texas beat Rice. What a great day we had walking through the tailgate parties, strolling around the campus, visiting the bookstore, and having lunch at Thundercloud Subs. This is one of the cool cars we saw at the Tailgate parties. I know, my phone camera kinda stinks but it was the best I could do. And I couldn't get a good picture of the running of the flag but this is the co-ed service fraternity I was in at UT and one of my most favorite memories. It was just like old times and we had SUCH A GOOD TIME!! Of course my favorite part of the whole game was watching the Longhorn Band at halftime. And best of all they did a 'Throwback' halftime show from the 70's so it was just like we'd never left. They performed 'Wall to Wall Band' (which is solid band from sideline to sideline/goal to goal). It was just as impressive 30 years later! They truly are the Showband of the Southwest!
THEN...this past weekend we drove down to Waco to watch the Horns play Baylor. We took our youngest daughter and her boyfriend and once again had a great time! Billy wore the BU Dad/UT Grad shirt that the girls designed and gave him to wear when we went to the games while they were in school.
The crowd turnout was amazing! There were more Longhorn fans at the game than Bear fans. This is just one picture of the visitor side of the stadium. Notice all of the orange? There was almost as much orange on the home side too. All I can say is "HOOK 'EM HORNS!!" And I can't wait to go again!

I'm Suffering From a Severe Case of Blog Block!

Well...I've pondered for MONTHS as to what I should say in my very first Blog. It seems like such a big step--so monumental that I feel like it should be something really profound, something really interesting, something really noteworthy, something really cute and cool. SOMETHING! the quest for that perfect subject...I've posted NOTHING--for MONTHS!
I've wondered...will people really care what is going on Around The Mulberry Bush? Then I realize that I LOVE reading other people's blogs so why shouldn't others enjoy reading mine? Okay! So enough is enough! As I'm recovering from my Blog Block I'm sharing with you my very first blog.
Now that it's all behind me and the pressure is off I just know the words will start flowing. WHEW!