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I'm On A Roll!

Have you ever been so caught up in your day-to-day activities
that you don't make time to do the things you love?

Me TOO!!

I've been so busy at the Antique Mall
that I haven't made time to craft and create.


And I've REALLY missed it!
(And so have my Canton customers {grin})

So I've been going in early and staying late
to work on some new projects to take with me to Canton next week.

And here's my newest creation...
(I'm so excited to show you that I just HAD to blog about it as soon as I got home tonight!)

I gathered up some supplies (old bathroom tiles and scrap papers)
I had laying around my studio
and put together the CUTEST little 'Note' Pads!
Just the right size for your favorite color of Sticky Notes.

And best of all...I've added ribbon
so you can hang it or set it on your desk.

This one has cork at the bottom.
I'll be making some cute little thumbtacks to use with it.


Hugs Y'all!
And Happy Crafting!

This is What A Girl Does...

...with about a hundred of those spool, bobbin, thing-a-ma-jiggers?
I'm thinking maybe I will turn them into wands.
But not just ANY wands...
They'll be Fabulous, Mystical, Magic Wands!  Fairy Wands! Princess Wands!
Nope! I've got it! They'll be Poof Wands!

Wands, wands, wands...
You get the idea, right?. 
Now, trying to make my vision into a reality has been a little more challenging.
So, this is my first attempt. 
And I'm looking for help. Your feedback, ideas, suggestions, ANYTHING would sure be appreciated.
I'll keep you posted as I do more.

Phobias. BLAH!

I was scheduled for an MRI this morning.

I've been dreading it for weeks.

Last time I had one (about 12 years ago) I had to be sedated.
Because I'm a complete blithering, blubbering, idiot!
I am ABSOLUTELY frightened to DEATH of closed in spaces and simply
cannot keep my emotions in control.


But seriously! Who wouldn't be afraid of THIS!!
See, here's the deal...when I was very young I was playing hide and seek and got stuck behind my grandmother's couch. I had wiggled behind there but couldn't get out and was too small to push my way out.
So there I lay. Stuck. And Scared.

So I told my Dr. last week that if I needed an MRI then I would need something to calm me down.
And his nurse called in some Ativan.
I was suppose to take 1 pill 1 hour before my appointment.
So I took it about 1 hr 15 minutes before (just in case--because this HAS to work).
After 45 minutes I was crying inconsolably.

So...I took the second pill (which I guess was given for just this type of emergency)?.?
Okay. All should be fine now.

Long story short. The pills did NOTHING!!
I just couldn't do it! I didn't feel any differently! How could that BE??
Yes. I was THAT girl.
The one sobbing in the room.

I'm such a weanie-butt!! ERRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!

So, after being dismissed from my pretend MRI (as I like to refer to it)
I've spent the rest of the day being dizzy, sleepy, and MRI-less.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's deathly afraid of closed-in spaces.
Or am I the only weirdo with this phobia?

Hugs to you Today!
(But not too tight--I need to breathe) {grin}



I've been wanting a new look for my blog and spent all night working with templates I downloaded from here.

It probably wouldn't have taken most people all night long but I was rusty on my html.

And Miss Jenn has SUCH CUTE designs! I just couldn't choose! So I bought THREE!

Of Course!

Maybe after I get some rest I'll change things up again.

Or not.

Anyway. What do you think?

Was it worth the effort?



What's a Girl to Do...

...with about a hundred old wooden bobbins
(or spools--whatever you want to call them)?

I picked these up at a bargain
and want to do something neat.


So. To all my blogger friends. Help me out!

So far the only thing I've come up with
is wrapping them with lace or embroidery floss.

Cute. But there have to be cuter ideas.

So, there's my challenge!

What do you think? What do you see?
(P.S. Each spool is about 12" long)