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Hello My Friends!!

You know, life has been crazier than normal (is that possible?)
around The Mulberry Bush lately.

In the past couple of weeks I've had my fair share of craziness. 

First we had a robbery (or burglary, or theft, or break-in--what's the difference I wonder?)
at the store when one of my dealer's showcases was broken into DURING WORKING HOURS! Seriously!
I wasn't here at the time but the poor girl who was working for me
was just devastated--as was the dealer, of course.
So, we've been through the whole police reporting, picture taking,
pawn shop reporting, documenting thing.

And just when I thought things had calmed down...

As I sat at my computer this afternoon I heard a small 'tinkling' of glass.
"Hmmmm", I said to myself, "What was THAT?"
I stepped outside to find that one entire section of my plate glass
window was cracked and separated from top to bottom. {BIIIIG sigh}
So we've spent the afternoon taping and repairing, as best we could,
until we can get the glass replaced.

But, ACTUALLY, enough about ME!
What I REALLY wanted to post about was to let you all know
That I will be having a Guest Blogger!
Yep! You read it right!
My very next post will be written by...'ll see!
I've just called to tell her the good news and
I bet her armpits are sweating already {grin}.

Oooh! I'm SOOOO excited!!
This will be SO Much Fun!

Stay Tuned!!

And Have a Blessed, Blessed Thanksgiving!
Be Safe!



Apronality's LIVE and Online!


Apronality Aprons are now available online!

We had our first photo-shoot on Saturday with my
'Ever So Patient and DARLING' nieces and next door neighbor.
They are all three JUST THE CUTEST THINGS!
(You know, if you didn't know better you'd
think they were all related!)

Don't they make my aprons look GOOD!?!
(Gosh I'm blessed to have such good
friends and such a sweet, sweet family!)

And boy were we a whirlwind of activity!
Between Amy and I we filled the rolls of:
Wardrobe, Makeup, Photographer, Set Designer, Staging, and Hair Stylist!
All in a span of 4 Hours because we had a soccer game deadline!
Aaaaacckk! {pulling hair out!}

So now, my friends, I want to invite you to my
Etsy store ( to view my newest Apronality Aprons.
I hope you love 'em!

Be sure to bookmark the site as I'll be adding new fabrics and photos
as often as I can grab the girls for pics!


Oh. My. Goodness!!

There just aren't words to describe
how touched I am by all your beautiful comments!

Your 'Best Gifts Ever' really are SO VERY special!
Thank you for sharing them with us all!


...for the moment we've been building up to
for over a week now...
{Oh My Gosh!! My heart is beating so fast!}

I submitted all 176 Commenters, Subscribers,
Followers, and Linkers to
and here are the 3 winning numbers chosen!:

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2008-11-6  19:01:10 CST

So 'High Five!' to...
Our Apronality Apron Winner #81:

Our Dessert Cheeseball Winner #151:

and Our Votive Candle Winner #148:

Hugs across cyberspace to everyone
of you who entered!

I am honored that you took the time to
visit, link, follow, comment, and subscribe
to my blog.

I feel like I've made new friends and can't wait to
visit with you again! This was JUST TOO MUCH FUN!!

Hurry Back!


Ever pick up a magazine and find an article/project inside
 that was so inspiring that you just couldn't WAIT to try it for yourself?

Well that's just what happened to me a week
or so ago when I got one of my favorite mags in the mail.

Here's the inspiration:

And here's what I made:

I had SO much fun!

Just using scraps of this and tidbits of that.
Old keys, sheet music, jacks, broken Christmas lights,
broken jewelry, and on, and on...

And what a great way to show off your favorite brooches, pins, and other jewelry!

Sorry my pictures weren't better.
I had to take them with my cell phone
because I sold both snowmen so quickly that I didn't
have time to take great pics.

But, no worries.
I will be making more snowmen later this week
and will post some good pictures and links to my website
where I'll be listing them for sale as soon as they're ready!

I have to tell you, though.
They were FUN! FUN! FUN to make!!!
Try it! But here's a warning: It's addicting!
Altered Art is THE BEST!

Hugs til later!


I guess some comment thingamajigger on my settings
 somehow exceeded something and some of you
haven't been able to comment.

The fact that many of you haven't been able to tell me
what your best gift ever was makes me REALLY SAD!!!
(But a SUPER BIG thank you goes out to those of you
who subscribed instead.)
And if you want to try again to comment 
for the Giveaway the problem has been fixed. still have ONE MORE DAY!!

So, stay tuned!

Tomorrow night, (Thursday Nov. 6th)
at the stroke of 7 I will be drawing from all the
 commenters, followers, subscribers, and blog-linkers.
Oh My Gosh!! I'm excited just thinking about it!)
And I will post the winners IMMEDIATELY after they're drawn.
(I know, the suspense will be killing me too!)

But, before I go, I have to tell you...
...Your comments have been AMAZING!

And Girls!...
What GREAT gifts you've gotten!!!

(I'm just thankful that I didn't
have to choose a winner based on 'The Best Gift Ever Received'!)

But I AM glad that we all got to take a minute
to remember our 'Best Gifts' and to share them with each other!

Thank you SO, SO much for taking the time
to introduce yourselves to me and please come back often!
I love new friends!

Happy Hugs!