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On The Move

I know! I know!... I've been MIA again. Has it already been 10 days?!?
Gosh time goes by SO fast!

Well, I've been on another self-imposed tangent.

As if I didn't have anything else to do, I decided in October to close out the half-price and consignment furniture room in the back of my store so I could offer more space to the folks on my waiting list.

So I sent a note to all the current dealers to let them know that the room would be closed at the end of the year.

And since I have such GREAT dealers they cleared out the room right on time.

Then it was MY turn.

I started moving my booths into the back room AND rearranging other booths in the mall (7 in all) so the new dealers could move in.

I got everything moved around out in the mall by the first of February. But the back room was still A MESS!!

How will I EVER get this finished??!!??

Well with the help of Billy, oh and my Girlfriends, Of Course!!!

Nope, not Sandy this time. It was my girlfriend Nancy (Vintage Baby & Mattiecakes) who stayed one night until 10:30 to help me out. She's SUCH A GREAT FRIEND!! She'll give up her days off just to help others anytime they ask. She has such a giving spirit! I just love her!

ANYWAYS...It took 2 months but I FINALLY opened the back room up TODAY. And here are the results...WHEW!!!

And here is the gate the I bought from Nancy. I put it in the doorway to the room.

I just love the idea of hanging vintage cards on it to show them off.

I covered little clothespins with scrapbooking paper so they'd be a little cuter (can't leave well enough alone). And this is the final result...

So that's it! Now...On To My Next Adventure! Whatever THAT may be...

Hey! What's "The Big Idea"?

Since my friend, and business mentor Shawna (who comes up with the most AMAZING, ADORABLE, FUN, "EVERYTHING I ALWAYS WANTED" gift ideas) commented on my last blog about Donny Deutsch I thought I should mention that because of her, Donny's "Big Idea" show on CNBC is my new favorite show!

We kinda' watched it together (only 300 miles apart) a couple of nights ago and I am HOOKED!

If any of you have a business you want to grow, wish you had a business, or are looking for that next 'big idea' you should definitely watch. He features people like you and me who thought "There's gotta' be a better way" and they stepped out and made their dream a reality.

I'm SO gonna' use the advice he gave to one viewer who had a new 'turtleneck' idea. He said to send one to every girl celebrity she can think of and once 1 of them shows up in public with it on then you've gotten more publicity than any amount of advertising could give you.

So I'm thinking I should do that with my Apronality Aprons. I'd just LOVE to see Rachel Ray or Paula Dean in my prissy little apron!
They will just be ADORABLE! And the neat thing is that AGE DOESN'T MATTER! You look and feel cute no matter your age or size.

I think his show really he says...Your Roadmap to the American Dream!

Oh and if THAT'S not reason enough to watch then HELLO!?! Matthew McConaughey's gonna be featured tonight!!

I'll be watching or taping, along with you I hope, every night at 9:00 pm CST (or Midnight if you're still up and miss the first one) on CNBC.
Where else can you get such GREAT business advice and inspiration for FREE??!!
Come back here and let me know what you think once you've watched.

Keep me updated on your success!

Just in Case You Forgot

I thought y'all would get a kick out of the banner I hung in the store. Now you all know that I've never been a selfish girl. So I just HAVE to share my news with ...'Hello!?!'...EVERYONE!! (grin)
[P.S. I'm even thinking of making a button to wear everywhere I go]
Okay.....I've kept you in suspense long enough....According to this (and the Dr. & his nurse--with a 95% confidence level):

It's a BOY!!!
And his name will be Cohen Eric Nelson!
And to celebrate, Tif & I went to An Affair of the Heart craft show this past weekend and picked up 'just a few things' (grin).
But among the treasures we found was this really neat way to show off Cohen's name.
Check it out...

Isn't that just THE COOLEST?? We paid $59 for this one--frame and all!
There is a website that makes these same kind of pictures (just a lot more expensive) but you can click here to see other pics.
It's so neat the way they take ordinary, everyday objects and make them into ART! I just LOVE IT!!

Didja' Miss Me?

Hey All! I'm sorry I've been off-line for the past few days. I missed ya!

"Where the heck have you been?!?", you asked.

Well...I had this idea that I wanted my blog to be a part of my web to it would be an 'easier to remember' name.

As you know, you're having to enter , to get here and I thought it would be easier to just enter instead (see! isn't that so much better?). (UPDATE...It didn't work out for me after all--Sorry My friends)

So I tried to do some 'behind the scenes' programming (by the seat of my pants) and Blogger said that the changeover would take a couple of days.

So I waited (not knowing if my changes would even work). And waited (with fingers crossed). And waited.

But nothing happened! No blog! It's been days! I'm stumped! I've researched everything I can think of. What am I going to do now?

Well, I called the SWEETEST, SMARTEST, MOST GENEROUS young man named Craig (who happens to be the fiance of my daughter's high school friend Emily--the wedding's April 5th).

Craig's had to bail me out before when I ran into some problems setting up my website and each time I've called him he was happy to help. I couldn't BEGIN to describe how thankful I am that God brings such wonderful people into my life!

So I called Craig, emailed him my passwords, and before you know it...EVERYTHING'S FIXED!!! Just like that! Would I have loved to have been a fly on the wall watching him work!!

Times like this really make you stop and think of the people that God's brought you that have made you a better person and made your life better. Man are we blessed!!!

You know what I'm thinking? If right now you're thinking of that certain someone that God's brought into your life that's made you a better person. Let them know.

What would we do without friends?

Thanks for hanging in there with me and from now on you can find me (by the way...just in case you're wondering...the 'tmb' is for The Mulberry Bush). (UPDATE...Don't try it--It didn't work out for me after all--Sorry My friends)

See ya' next time! ~Cheryl