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Is It Really Wrong to Love a Light? (Part 1)

I'm in love...
...with a light.

That's right.
I just can't GET enough. BUY enough.
MAKE enough.


I've got no explanation for my weakness.
I've loved them for as long as I can remember.
They must be why I love fairy tales so much.

In my eyes a fairy tale's not worth watching unless it has a
beautiful, bright, sparkly chandelier.

I want to surround myself with them.
In any way, shape, or form.
So, I spent a few hours
making this one...

I painted the chandelier onto the glass of an old window frame,
covered it in bits of sheet music,
painted the frame black, and Voila!
Instant chandelier!

All the romance. And no electricity required!

I want more!
I must make more!
Women will see them!
Women will want them!
Women will love lights as much as I do!

Okay, My Fair Maids and Maidens!
I'm off to the far, far away land of Chandelierdom!
My Handsome Prince awaits!

Seriously? Wallpaper?

Amy and I went shopping at one of my favorite stores the other day.

And I came across a really hideously painted 'entry table',
'television table', 'table thingy'.

The price was great but the paint was...well, you decide for yourself

So, I started painting, and wallpapering, and enlisting the help of random folks just passing by.

No, seriously, that's just my friend Nancy who stopped by to say 'hi' and I promptly put her to work.
"Thanks My Friend!"

It took a bit of painting, measuring, cutting, and gluing but we did it!
And well, I'm just tickled pink at how great this turned out!
I hope you are too!
Here are some tips for achieving the best finish.
You can learn from my mistakes...

  • Use newspaper or butcher paper to make a pattern of the surface you're wanting to cover. Once you know that your pattern fits then cut your wallpaper (paying close attention to the pattern of the wallpaper so you get the best pattern centered on the piece)

  • Don't rely only on Mod Podge or only on the wallpaper glue to adhere your paper to the surface.  You should wet the wallpaper just like you're going to hang it on the wall and adhere it in combination with the Mod Podge. It will take both to stick permanently.

  • After you've positioned your paper in the right place use an old credit card to smooth out any air/glue bubbles.  Start in the center and work out.  This will ensure that your paper lays smooth and gives a more professional look.

  • Once you get your wallpaper attached to the piece, and it has dried, take a fine toothed rasp, nail file, or piece of sandpaper and file/sand the outer edges where the paper meets the wood.  This will give you a uniform 'painted' rather than a 'papered' look. You can go back in later with paint to cover up any rough areas.

  • When you are satisfied with the look spray or paint a clear sealer for protection.

  • In case you're wondering, for this table I used 2 different types of wallpaper and 1 piece of matte-finished gift wrap.
And that's all there was to it!
If you try this (or any other new projects you'd like to share)
then post a picture here so we can see how great they turned out!
Oh. And Note to friends...
...If you stop by to visit be prepared you may be put to work {grin}.


So it was Spring Break.
Amy and the kids were coming to spend a couple of days with me at the store.
What could we do to have fun??....

I saw this recipe in a book and just HAD to give it a try.

So...We Made Marshmallow Pops!!!

It was so, so simple!

Here's our Prep Work...

  1. First, we melted some almond bark in a wide bowl in the microwave--we used two different types (white almond bark and chocolate chips) and both were delicious.
  2. Then we piled a few different types of cupcake sprinkles onto a platter.
  3. We put skewers (the recipe called for popsicle sticks but I didn't have any so we used skewers--we just broke off the sharp point for safety) into each marshmallow (we used pink marshmallows I found at the grocery store--Yummy! and way cuter than the white ones!)
And then the fun began!

  • They dipped the marshmallow in the chocolate.

  • Swirled the covered marshmallow in the sprinkles.

  • And placed the finished product on a plate to dry! Voila!!

Easy Peasy!!

It really was Just That Simple!

And surprisingly good even for an adult!

Try it out and let me know what you think!

It was really a lot of fun and a great way to pass the time for the kids!

Enjoy and...
Sticky Hugs to ya!!