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The Skeleton Key

I don't pretend to know all the "Ins, Outs, or Secrets" to running an Antique Mall.
But I do know one thing for sure...

I.  Love.  My.  Dealers!

They are such a talented group of people.
And they are so dedicated and passionate about sharing
their love for vintage and antique pieces.

I am the lucky one
who gets to see the joy in your face
 as you reminisce about and purchase their items.

So, I thought I'd give you a little glimpse of them in my next few posts.

Today I'd like you to meet Mindy.
Mindy's business is called The Skeleton Key and
she has developed quite a following (including me!).

 She is extraordinarily talented and creative!
She has a gift for repurposing vintage pieces into functional new items
and I'm blown away every time she brings new items into the store.

Take a look at a few of her past and present creations and you'll see what I mean!

Mindy showcases her items at The Mulberry Bush Vintage Market , The Beauty Shop in Clinton,
and on her facebook page The Skeleton Key.

 She's so inspiring! And I'm blessed to call her my friend!
Thank You Mindy!

Happy Birthday!

Five Years!
At the urging of my friends Steve & Donna, I took the plunge from occasional retailer
to a full-time retail storefront five years ago today.
It's a big day!

I've often heard people call their store their 'Baby'.
I get that.
We bought our own building last year and it's true--it is kind of like having a child.
We named her (Lillie Pearl)

  And though she's hardly a baby (she's 92 this year) we still tenderly care for her as if she were.
 We longed for her. Spent many sleepless nights worrying, coddling, bathing, and bandaging her.
We dress her up special for the holidays, feed (fill) her with great merchandise, and are constantly grooming her to be a 'young woman' we are proud to show off to the world.
We swell with pride when others tell us how much they love her, and how special she is.
We have big dreams. And it warms our heart when we can share those dreams with others.

So, Happy Birthday to Lillie Pearl and The Mulberry Bush Vintage Market.
And many more!