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It's Almost Baby Time!!

Okay my friends!! Tif's been having contractions almost all day today!

They haven't been regular enough to warrant real labor but I'm still on pins & needles! I'm so afraid that since I live 5 hours away that I won't make it in time!

Although her due date was originally August 20th the doctors scheduled her to be induced on August 13th because Cohen was getting so big. But during Tif''s last appointment the doctor felt that she had progressed enough that she didn't think she'd would make it to August 13th.


Then Panic Officially Set In!! I had all my baby projects carefully planned out! Minute by minute, day by day! He can't come early! I'm not ready yet!

So I spent the last two days putting projects in overdrive. And I did it!

I've finished Cohen's bedding, packed my bags, closed out the month at the store, lined up people to be on stand-by to work when I'm gone, and have even recovered the changing table that Tif used when she was born (btw, it is SO DANG CUTE! That's a whole other post so I'll show you pictures as soon as we get to Tif's).

Okay, now I'm ready. "National La-La Day" ( new Grandma name!) and my baby Cohen will be here soon!!

But for now, we just wait... sigh...

Difficult Days

“It is difficult today
to see beyond our sorrow,
May our cherished memories
help comfort us tomorrow"
Our dear sister Sharon passed from this earth and our loving family on July 1st.
Billy & I want to thank you my friends
for your prayers, cards, phone calls, texts,
and loving support during this very emotional time.
Love You So Much!