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This is What A Girl Does...

...with about a hundred of those spool, bobbin, thing-a-ma-jiggers?
I'm thinking maybe I will turn them into wands.
But not just ANY wands...
They'll be Fabulous, Mystical, Magic Wands!  Fairy Wands! Princess Wands!
Nope! I've got it! They'll be Poof Wands!

Wands, wands, wands...
You get the idea, right?. 
Now, trying to make my vision into a reality has been a little more challenging.
So, this is my first attempt. 
And I'm looking for help. Your feedback, ideas, suggestions, ANYTHING would sure be appreciated.
I'll keep you posted as I do more.


shawna said...

Oh those turned out PRECIOUS!!!!! Can't wait to see them in person. Will they be at Canton next month?

Love ya girl,

DVDolls said...

Girl I posted on my DVD blog and I did all the things to get points.. HOPE you pull my name.. LOL! You have to design me a special apron. Your blog is precious... I miss you.. xoxoxo

Soap for Goodness Sake said...

You are soooo to see stuff like this....and wish I had more time to do things like this! My granddaughter would sure appreciate it :). Off to visit the webiste now!


The Charm House said...

This is so cute!!!! I would have never, ever thought of something like these! I love it!

jennai said...

You are so creative i love the stuff like this