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Operation Christmas Cheer!

Happy Holidays My Friends!!

I have a very special request of all my blogger friends.
Many of you I already know and
many of you are brand new friends that
I look forward to getting to know better.

So, here's my request.

My sister-in-law Sandy had a dream the other night
and we want to help her make it come true.
The only thing is we can't do it alone.
So we need your help!

My nephew (Sandy's son, Amy's brother) Jon is currently stationed
in Baghdad, Iraq and will spend the holidays there.
This is his 14th year in the Air Force and the first time he has had to spend
the holidays away from all his loved ones.
His work schedule keeps him from even having a day off!
Sandy dreamed that on Christmas morning Jon was greeted
with bags and bags of Christmas cards and letters just like the scene in Miracle on 34th Street.
We've been busily spreading the word by emailing all our contacts,
notifying all our friends, and Billy and I have even bought cards
to bring to work with us to have folks sign right then.

Isn't this the NEATEST IDEA!?!
For all of us that support our troops,
hate to think of someone spending the holidays alone,
or know someone who has had to serve during the holidays past,
we urge you to add an address to your Christmas card list.

And if any of you know of others who are serving...
Please Let Us Know!
We'd like to do this for others as well!

His address is:

SSGT Jon Bureman
JIDC Unit 42129
APO AE 09342-2129

(And don't worry if you can't get it out by Dec. 15th
--Send it anyway--
He'll love getting a card no matter what day he receives it!)

If you'd like...please let him know who you are
and feel free to pass this on to anyone you know
that might be interested in helping us out.

Thank you so much for joining us!

Sweet Dreams Sandy!!

Many Holiday Hugs!!



Sharon/primthyme said...

That is a wonderful ,dream to fulfill !!
I just found this post but I will ,send a card anyway !!
Prim Hugs & Blessings,

Joy Zaczyk said...

Hi again Cheryl - what a wonderful idea for your nephew. :)

Quick unrelated question - how did you get the "share this button" code and box on the side of your blog? I'd like to use it for our button for moggit...:)



Sharon/primthyme said...

Hi ,You won 2nd place in my give away,please email your complete address To
Prim Hugs,Sharon

Sharon/primthyme said...

Hey Cheryl,
You won in my giveaway .Please email me your complete name /address I would like to send it out !!