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New Fun Friends!

Gosh, I love my job!

I really do!

Every day I open the Antique Mall
and wait for new friends to walk through the door.

(I've got a sign from Signature HomeStyles hanging in the store that says
"Enter as Friends, Leave as Family"
and that's truly how I feel about some of my customers).

A few weeks ago a couple of girls came into the store.
They joked and teased with each other the whole time they shopped.
They even split up to shop so one wouldn't find better bargains than the other!

They were SO MUCH FUN!

They seemed to have such a good time together
that I figured they'd been friends their whole lives.

(Well, ACTUALLY, the rest of the story
is that they became friends when one of the girls
started dating the other girl's ex-husband.)
I know, it sounds crazy but I LOVE IT!!!

Anyway, these girls shopped,
found items for each other because they knew what they liked,
and then they shopped some more!

Then we visited, and visited, and visited.
They were just so much FUN!

Oh! And I have to tell you this!!

I was so excited when they were the first customers to use
my brand new vintage shopping baskets!!

And You Know Me!!
I was so excited that I just HAD to take their picture!

So here are my new friends Tina and Kina!...

Thanks girls for stopping in!
See why I love my job SO much?!?


Simply Divas said...

Looks like they were having fun! I would love to come and see your store. Miss you! Shawna

Cheryl said...

Well Come On Girlfriend!!! I Can't Wait To See You Walk Through The Door! That will just MAKE MY DAY!! Miss you BUNCHES! Cheryl

Adrienne said...

OMg...their names even rhyme! hehe, my ex's ex and I are now friends and share the same birthday...does that count??