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Yikes! I've Been Threaded!

Threaded You Say...

What the heck is THAT?

I know...'threaded' is something you do through the eye of a needle. So what's that got to do with me?

I can hear my girls now..."Bah! Hah! Hah! Mom you are so funny!"

Now I've been listening to my daughter Tif tell me for months now how great it is to get 'threaded'.

"It's the newest thing", she says.
"It will totally replace waxing. I Love it!", she says.
"It doesn't hurt nearly as bad as waxing", she says.

(Note to self...never trust anything Tif says.)

This week I had a 'makeover mom' day and got my hair cut and decided to have my eyebrows threaded. Why not? I'm not getting any younger and at least I can make an effort to look better.

So, like I said, I started the day with a cute haircut and, since I still had a little bit of time, decided to go all-out and get threaded.

Tif & I stopped at the little kiosk in Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, TX and the 'threader' asked if I wanted just my eyebrows threaded or my whole face.

"Do I really need my whole face?...Seriously??" I asked.

"Oh YES!" was the resounding response (which included my own daughter for cryin' out loud!) "See, you've got this little peachy-fuzzy-stuff on your face. ", she says.


"Okay. Fine. Do the whole face." (Did I really just say that?)

In all really is a fascinating procedure where the threaders take a length of thread and put part of it in their mouth and twist the rest of it between their hands. Then swoosh, swoosh, swoosh 'just like that' they're ripping the hair off your face as it gets caught in the thread.

Here's how my threading experience unfolded...

  • I sit down to what I believe will be a quick, painless way to sculpt my eyebrows.
  • Without warning the threader starts ripping hair off my eyebrows and I start having second thoughts about this 'whole face' thing.
  • Is it inappropriate for a mom to cry in the middle of the mall?
  • I tell the threader that maybe I'll just do the eyebrows. But ohhhh nooo...she and Tif insist that I should do the whole face. (Is it possible to ground a 27 year old?)
  • Okay...Focus...try to remember lamaze.
  • Tif looks at my shirt and remarks that I should be sure to tell Dad that the long hairs on my shirt are from my haircut NOT my face. (FUNNY Tif, that should be OBVIOUS!!)
  • Threader is FINALLY finishing when her co-worker walks up and says, "Wow!, Did all that hair come off her face?"

SERIOUSLY!!!???!!! (Does she think I'm some kind of Wolf-Woman?!)


Well, at least I'll never have to do this again right?

That much pain it should be forever right?

WRONG!! Oh Heavens Nooo!! Only Two Months! ... Two Months!

I'm thinking Wolf-Woman might not be so bad.

P.S. I wonder if there's such a thing as fat-threading? Hmmmm.


Tiffany said...

I got threaded yesterday! I still dont see what the big deal is.In all seriousness mom, I was glad to have that experience with you....hehe

adriennewilliamson said...

OMG...I have NEVER heard of that! Considering I just had my goat hairs on my chin done for the first time last summer...waxed, that is! HAHAHA...Mateo thinks I need my eyebrows down TODAY...He was making fun! OH the Nerve!!!! Love ya, brave courageous woman!!!

Shawna said...

OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT THE JUNK!!! I've been without my glad to be back! The first blog I read was yours! How interesting???!!! This totally cracked me up....I'm ROTFL!!! TOO FUNNY!!! I had heard of it but never really new. I think we should invent threading for "Fat"....that would be great! Too funny! Thanks for making me laugh girlfriend!!
Love ya,

Cheryl said...

Yea A, I think boys should have just ONE eyebrow hair plucked. Then we'll see just how much they tease us.
Thank you for feeling my pain!~~Cheryl

Cheryl said...

Heck Yeah Shawna!! I'm ALL FOR fat threading!! Missed ya Girlfriend!!! So glad you're back online!