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There's a Big World Out There!

Hello My Friends!

I've missed you!

I appears that I've been a slacker--that I've been ingoring you...

...but au contraire!

I've actually been feverishly working on Apronality because roll-out time is almost here!! AAAAAHHHH!!!

I've stepped so far outside my little world it's a little bit (okay a LOT) scary!

But seriously, I am still amazed at how things are falling into place! God blesses me every day with people that have helped me through this process.

Take, for instance, my friend Jarrod. He has taken time away from his own business to hold my hand through the world of manufacturing and shipping.

I'm wondering...How many ways are there to say 'thank-you!'?!?

And then there's this memo (that my hubby got at work and passed on to me) from a local university that has paid internship positions available.

They were looking to place an intern with a business to benefit both parties.

And benefit it has!!

I didn't think my business was nearly big enough to qualify for this program.

But, happily, I was mistaken. shhhhhhhh!

Thankfully, business size didn't matter.

After much prodding from my daughter I made the phone call and spoke with the head of the department and he was excited to pair me up with some SUPER GREAT people!

Through them I've been blessed with the help of a marketing intern, a graphic artist, and a really knowledgeable woman from the Small Business Development Center.

WOW!! This is HUGE!!

Words just can't express the motivation and inspiration I've received from them!!

For example, I casually mentioned to Betsy (the marketing student) that I'd been unsuccessfully searching for the contact information for Neiman Marcus. Within hours I'd received an email from her with all the contact info I needed!! She's sourced out materials, prepared cost analysis and break even info, and is currently working on a tiered pricing structure for me.

And then, Lisa (the SBDC person) has helped me with copyrighting my pattern, LLCing my name, and preparing a business plan. She's also got the graphic artist working on my logo.

See what I mean!!?? God is GOOD!!

And THEN...the other day...I stumbled upon a website that helps small businesses with all kinds of marketing things like advertising, branding, copyrighting, taglines, names, etc... FOR FREE!!!

And since I've been really struggling with my "Million Dollar Tagline" (thanks to Donnie Deutsch for making me realize I NEEDED a million dollar tagline!) I posted my question on the site and on my next blog post I will reveal those answers and get your feedback.

See you get to help me pick my million dollar tagline! (and my family will be thankful because I won't be bugging them as much with more details. right.)

Whew! Well, I think I've bored you enough with all the updates.

I pray that you have a blessed day and I'll leave you now with one of my new favorite sayings...

It's not how you sell the's how you market the sizzle!



val said...

I like the polka dotted one. great work! I wish you so much success!
val brown crumley

crazyAs said...

I bought one a few years ago at First Monday and have been trying to track you down! I want another :)

I get so many compliments on it.

I recommend trying too for ideas on what others are doing to market.

I googled "Apronality" and found you :) way to go!

Los Angeles said...

Hi Amy! Thanks SO MUCH for lovin' your apron!! I'm so glad you found me again! And thanks for the info on etsy. I'll check that out! If you'd like to get in touch with me about another apron you can email me at cheryl at tmbgifts dot com.