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You'll Make the Difference

Hi Everyone! Thanks for checking back in!
I mentioned in my last post that I need your help so here we go!

It's almost time to launch the Apronality Aprons and I need
that 'Million-Dollar Tagline'.

I mentioned before that I found a really neat website
that offers marketing help to small businesses.
So I posted my tagline problem online and almost immediately
I started receiving suggestions from some of the other members.

I've been through their suggestions
and have listed some of the best ones to the right ---------------->.

All you have to do is pick your favorite(s).

It's totally private and there's no wrong answer.

If there's one that you've thought of that you like better
then please leave a comment below.

To help you are some other pictures of an Apronality apron.

Thank You So Much!! And I'll keep you posted on the progress!


4 comments: said...

Thank You SO Much!! You have great taste Val! The Polka Dotted one is one of my best sellers :-)!

Anonymous said...

Here's some other ideas...just for the fun of it.

1. The Apron of Choice for the Chic Chef

2. Cooking Good and Looking Good

3. Food just tastes better when the cook looks GOOD!

Cheryl said...

Yay!! More great ideas!! My head is just spinning! Thanks so much for your help! ~Cheryl

Jessie Dansby said...

Hey Cheryl! How's it going? I just became one of your Gal Pals. I love all the party favors, do you have stuff for baby showers? Will you be posting aprons on etsy soon? Let me know when you do, I'm planning on making a treasury and I want to include you in it. Take care!