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So the Studio was Organized for...
Oh, I don't know...
One Point Five Seconds.
The world sympathized with me
when I made a laughable attempt at trying to Focus.
{double sigh}
But then I started thinking...
Just maybe...
It's not in me.
Maybe I'm not meant to be organized.
Maybe there's a reason I can't stay focused.
Maybe I'm more creative when I'm a little bit scatterbrained.
Maybe that's just who I am.
Maybe that's how I roll.
Maybe wandering around in my happy, little,
skip-to-my-lou world is a good thing.
Maybe my little corner of paradise is one that's
just meant to be filled with
stacks of papers, piles of ephemera,
jars of soaking paintbrushes, and tubs of fabric.
Maybe My Happy Place isn't such a bad place after all.
Make no mistake.  I'm not kidding myself.
I'd like to be more organized.
I'd like to be more focused.
I'd like to just be happy with who I am.
Who knows...Maybe I'm at my best when I'm in my haphazard,
chaotic, frustratingly unorganized zone.

Maybe I shouldn't mess with Mother Nature.
She's been on my side all these years.
So, I'm gonna just go with it.

If I stay organized.
If I stay focused.
Just Let Me Create!!
And those infamous clipboards...
I've finished 10!
Hang In There With Me!


Melody said...

Hi Cheryl!
It is definitley not you. What you have, as many of us do is organized chaos. As the saying goes "Out of chaos comes order" And, as example of how right that saying is...look at all the beautiful things you have created.
I feel sorry for all those who are super organized, they just miss something. Now I have to get back to work....where'd I leave my ...............

Tiffany said...

Melody make a point here. I can't think of a day in my life spent with you that could be described as "orderly" or "by the book". And I like it that way! Cheryl, Mom, Lala you make everything fun. Who else would we fly by the "city" of our pants with? You take organized chaos and make beautiful treasures. I say go with it, embrace it, own it!

Creative Chaos said...

Awwww Y'all! You're making me blush! You're just too dang sweet! Thanks for the permission to 'just be me'. WHEW!! So much pressure lifted!! {grin} ~Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Mom look at all those awesome things...they are SO cute! And you know, I have to say Tiff and I are on your side, because after all, we are so just like you! muah! Chell