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The Bible says we should not envy. So I'm at a loss for a word.

Maybe it's yearn. Yes, yearn is a good word (actually it's kind of a weird word but let's move on).

I yearn to be like normal, productive people.
I yearn to be a neat housekeeper.
I yearn to be a fashionable dresser who can pick out clothes with ease.
I yearn to lose weight.
I yearn to stay organized.
I yearn to keep on top of things and not procrastinate.

But most importantly...I yearn. Yearn. YEARN to stay focused. That's why I chose FOCUS as my 'word' for 2009.

And I sheepishly admit...I am failing miserably. {sigh}

I simply cannot stay on task. I am so easily distracted that it's laughable.

"How laughable?", you say.  Well, I recently received an email that was so timely and hit so close to home that I had to share it with you.

I've changed some of the wording to reflect a typical day in my life.

So bear with me as I try to stay on task...

Recently I was diagnosed with A.A.A.D.D -

Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.
This is how it manifests itself:

Today I decide I'm going to be productive and set out to embellish clipboards--I've been trying to get these finished for 3 to 4 months now and by-golly today's going to be the day!

After I line up the clipboards on the counter (because assembly-line production is SO productive, right?--I'm on a roll already! YESSSS!) I make my way toward the studio to search for cute papers for embellishing.

On my way I notice the box of buttons taking up valuable counter space and decide to put them away real quickly--it won't take any time and look at all the space it would free up--space that I can use for clipboards.

As I'm about to take the buttons back to the studio a customer walks up to check out.  She begins to visit so I decide that I'll maximize my time and just pick through and sort the buttons by color while I wait.

Customer's gone and I've got
several piles of buttons in various colors and sizes.

 Well, I can't just dump them all back together after all this work.
I should totally put them in small baggies or something.
Let me just run get those baggies. They're right over here.

As I reach for the baggies the phone rings.
It's another customer and thankfully the call didn't take long.
I hang up the phone and try to remember what I was doing before the call.
Oh yes...baggies.

"Oh! Good Morning!"
 (It's my Mail Lady bringing me a package! How Exciting!--I really enjoy visiting with her so we talk for a moment before she leaves)

A Package! What can it be?!?
Gotta' Open it--Can't stand the suspense!
Oooh! It's the new Purse Hooks I ordered for the Store!
Well, let's just set those up real quick!
They won't sell sitting in the box right?

(That's the doorbell telling me I have another customer)

They shop as I start to unpack the box.

"Oh, You'd like me to open a showcase for you?"
"Sure! I'll be right there"

(I'll just finish those purse hooks as soon as I get back)

Okay. Customer's happy and I'm on my way back to the front.

But on my way I notice a pile of leaves
that have fallen off the plants that I've forgotten to water.
That's not good.
I can't have a store with a bunch of leaves
that look like a pile of trash in the middle of the floor.

I'll just sweep those leaves up really quick
and grab a pitcher of water for those poor, neglected plants.

Now where did I put that broom? And that pitcher?
As I search for the pitcher & broom I look up at the clock and see that it's lunchtime.
Oh Gosh! I need to warm up food before Billy gets here to eat.
More customers, more phone calls, lunch is almost over
and I need to write up a deposit for Billy to take to the bank before he goes back to work.
I'll just put my lunch and drink in the fridge out of the way until I can get back to them.
As I head toward the kitchen area with my food I look over and find my reading glasses
and that pitcher that I've been searching for all morning.

I'd better put the glasses back on my desk where I'll be sure to find them when I need them. 

I pour water on the plants,
--but quite a bit of it spills on the floor.
I should totally run and get some paper towels.

So, I set the glasses back on the counter
just as more customers walk into the store.

Packages are wrapped, guest books are signed, and
as I head down the hall I'm trying to remember "What it was I was on my way to do?..."

So it's the end of the day and

  • the clipboards aren't finished,

  • the buttons are stacked in colorful little piles on the counter,

  • the new purse hooks are still packed in the box--but the packing material managed to get spread everywhere,

  •  the pile of leaves litter the floor,

  • my cold lunch and warm drink are sitting on the counter next to the fridge,

  • the flowers don't have enough water--but there seems to be plenty on the floor,

  • I can't find my glasses,

  • the bank deposit is partially written up,
and who knows where my broom is...

So, I'm sitting here trying to figure out why nothing got done today,
And I'm really baffled because I know I was busy all day!
And I'm really, really tired.

So you see...I YEARN to FOCUS!

I do find some consolation in that my youngest daughter
is so proud of her mom staying Focussed long enough
to finish this blog.
Oh well, I'll take anything positive that I can get out of the day. {sigh}

Hugs to ya!


Lisa said...

Cheryl, Sister I just love you and I can so see going thru that day with you.

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh so hard...I was reading this and I can so see you doing every bit of it. The funny thing is it made me NERVOUS, yes I had a hard time reading it because I wanted to stop and finish things in the story. Oh my chest hurts :).


Melody said...

Oh Cheryl, You are hysterical! I was gonna say one in a million, but it's one OF a million who have the same disorder. Welcome to my club. We should have a helpline...
meetings for a support group...hold on the phones ringin..
make randon stops at people studios and shops...oh! forgot to turn off the water in the flower bucket..hang on again... We should..Oh My Gosh.. See I'm doin it myself...I gotta get back to work!!

Creative Chaos said...

Amy! You Crack Me Up!!!

Tif said almost the VERY SAME THING to me this morning as I read her the post!

About 1/2 way through she said "Mom! Stop! You're giving me anxiety! Nothing's getting finished!"

I guess she can't handle my world.

Creative Chaos said...

Yay Melody!!
Thank you for the validation that I SOooooo needed to hear!
I. Am. Not. Alone!