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Step One.
Make some sense of  all THIS...
And this...
And even this...
A daunting task.  Can it be done?  How did it ever get this bad?

Okay. I admit it.
I have a lot of stuff.

But I really NEED a lot of stuff!
I really love my stuff.
I am one with my stuff.
Me and my stuff...we're tight.

I just wish I knew where all the stuff is when I need it.
So welcome to my first Word for 2009:
Okay. Deep Breath. Focus.

Meet My Studio
This is the area behind the front counter.
It measures about 14'x16' (224 sq ft) and I've
filled it with items that I love.
You know, I heard once that you should surround yourself with things you love.
And I definitely have.
All these things inspire me.
(I'll share those pics with you at another time.)

This is the entry into my HUGE okay tiny 10'x12' studio.
It is located just behind the huge shelf in the above photo.
I have so much ribbon that I'm literally having to
get creative with displaying and storing it...
See what I mean?
For these racks I used old wooden video/CD holders and added
1"x6" planks up each side. Before I attached the planks I drilled holes
for the dowels to be supported on and voila!

Then all the glue, sewing supplies, scissors, stamps, punches, emblishments, lace, wood, buttons, jewelry, beads, and assorted ephemera needed to have homes.
These have worked the best for me...

It really helps to speed up projects when your letters are separated...
And I thought this printer tray was just
the perfect thing to keep them order.

And buttons!
Buttons are just more fun to look at and to use when they're color-coded
and stored in unusual containers.
My Hubby says "Imagine how big that button was
before it went into the grinder". {grin--he's such a comic!}
And isn't glitter just more fun to use when it's stored like THIS?...
I found vintage salt & pepper shakers and lined them up in spice racks
and vintage ladies hankie/glove boxes.
If you open the photos you'll also see that I used syrup and
oil/vinegar shakers to store the larger glitter.

So, there you have it!
I've begun to Organize.
And I'm ready to move to
Word #2.

Stay Tuned!
As I Press Onward!


The Charm House said...

Looks so great!!! I have been Organizing my studio for the past couple of days also... what a mess!! Finally seeing the end~:)

mattiecakes said...

To my friend Cheryl...I am so proud of you! It looks terrific and so inspiring. I haven't quite made it that far with my "stuff", but I'm working on it!
Thanks for sharing with all of us! You are an inspiration!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

I want even post a pic! wish I was that organized!!

Lisa said...

WOW Cheryl, you are now the Queen of organize, I hand over my crown!!! You never cease to amaze me with your passion. I love you, Lisa