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The Skeleton Key

I don't pretend to know all the "Ins, Outs, or Secrets" to running an Antique Mall.
But I do know one thing for sure...

I.  Love.  My.  Dealers!

They are such a talented group of people.
And they are so dedicated and passionate about sharing
their love for vintage and antique pieces.

I am the lucky one
who gets to see the joy in your face
 as you reminisce about and purchase their items.

So, I thought I'd give you a little glimpse of them in my next few posts.

Today I'd like you to meet Mindy.
Mindy's business is called The Skeleton Key and
she has developed quite a following (including me!).

 She is extraordinarily talented and creative!
She has a gift for repurposing vintage pieces into functional new items
and I'm blown away every time she brings new items into the store.

Take a look at a few of her past and present creations and you'll see what I mean!

Mindy showcases her items at The Mulberry Bush Vintage Market , The Beauty Shop in Clinton,
and on her facebook page The Skeleton Key.

 She's so inspiring! And I'm blessed to call her my friend!
Thank You Mindy!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE The Skeleton Key!! I have several of her creations in my home...I feel all excited and pumped up wanting to buy when I'm in her booth. Everyone in a 100 mile radius needs to go get them some Skeleton Key :)

Amy Noreen

Melody said...

Hi Cheryl!
OOOOOOOO I so want to come to Clinton!!!!! Mindy's booth is wonderful.
Happy Lillie Pearl!