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On The Move

I know! I know!... I've been MIA again. Has it already been 10 days?!?
Gosh time goes by SO fast!

Well, I've been on another self-imposed tangent.

As if I didn't have anything else to do, I decided in October to close out the half-price and consignment furniture room in the back of my store so I could offer more space to the folks on my waiting list.

So I sent a note to all the current dealers to let them know that the room would be closed at the end of the year.

And since I have such GREAT dealers they cleared out the room right on time.

Then it was MY turn.

I started moving my booths into the back room AND rearranging other booths in the mall (7 in all) so the new dealers could move in.

I got everything moved around out in the mall by the first of February. But the back room was still A MESS!!

How will I EVER get this finished??!!??

Well with the help of Billy, oh and my Girlfriends, Of Course!!!

Nope, not Sandy this time. It was my girlfriend Nancy (Vintage Baby & Mattiecakes) who stayed one night until 10:30 to help me out. She's SUCH A GREAT FRIEND!! She'll give up her days off just to help others anytime they ask. She has such a giving spirit! I just love her!

ANYWAYS...It took 2 months but I FINALLY opened the back room up TODAY. And here are the results...WHEW!!!

And here is the gate the I bought from Nancy. I put it in the doorway to the room.

I just love the idea of hanging vintage cards on it to show them off.

I covered little clothespins with scrapbooking paper so they'd be a little cuter (can't leave well enough alone). And this is the final result...

So that's it! Now...On To My Next Adventure! Whatever THAT may be...


Adrienne said...

MY GOSH Girl!!! can you say PERFECTIONISTA???? hehehe...Gorgeous!!! I LOVE IT!! you are too AWESOME!!!

Tiffany said...

My gosh, mom! That is a lot of stuff. No wonder it took a minute!

Anonymous said...

mom its sooo cute!

mattiecakes said...

Hey, my friend, the room looks great! And you are too kind with your comments!! You're the best!

Anonymous said...

You are:

#1 a crazy lady
#2 amazing
#3 the most craftiset person I know
#4 talented beyond belief
#5 a crazy lady

LOL, I can't believe that is the same room!!! The only reason I know is the carpet. WOW!!!