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Just in Case You Forgot

I thought y'all would get a kick out of the banner I hung in the store. Now you all know that I've never been a selfish girl. So I just HAVE to share my news with ...'Hello!?!'...EVERYONE!! (grin)
[P.S. I'm even thinking of making a button to wear everywhere I go]
Okay.....I've kept you in suspense long enough....According to this (and the Dr. & his nurse--with a 95% confidence level):

It's a BOY!!!
And his name will be Cohen Eric Nelson!
And to celebrate, Tif & I went to An Affair of the Heart craft show this past weekend and picked up 'just a few things' (grin).
But among the treasures we found was this really neat way to show off Cohen's name.
Check it out...

Isn't that just THE COOLEST?? We paid $59 for this one--frame and all!
There is a website that makes these same kind of pictures (just a lot more expensive) but you can click here to see other pics.
It's so neat the way they take ordinary, everyday objects and make them into ART! I just LOVE IT!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is so cool----his name! That Sticks and Stones company was on Donny Duetsch just a couple of nights ago! How cools is that! I love your blog!
Love ya lots girlfriend,