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Hey! What's "The Big Idea"?

Since my friend, and business mentor Shawna (who comes up with the most AMAZING, ADORABLE, FUN, "EVERYTHING I ALWAYS WANTED" gift ideas) commented on my last blog about Donny Deutsch I thought I should mention that because of her, Donny's "Big Idea" show on CNBC is my new favorite show!

We kinda' watched it together (only 300 miles apart) a couple of nights ago and I am HOOKED!

If any of you have a business you want to grow, wish you had a business, or are looking for that next 'big idea' you should definitely watch. He features people like you and me who thought "There's gotta' be a better way" and they stepped out and made their dream a reality.

I'm SO gonna' use the advice he gave to one viewer who had a new 'turtleneck' idea. He said to send one to every girl celebrity she can think of and once 1 of them shows up in public with it on then you've gotten more publicity than any amount of advertising could give you.

So I'm thinking I should do that with my Apronality Aprons. I'd just LOVE to see Rachel Ray or Paula Dean in my prissy little apron!
They will just be ADORABLE! And the neat thing is that AGE DOESN'T MATTER! You look and feel cute no matter your age or size.

I think his show really he says...Your Roadmap to the American Dream!

Oh and if THAT'S not reason enough to watch then HELLO!?! Matthew McConaughey's gonna be featured tonight!!

I'll be watching or taping, along with you I hope, every night at 9:00 pm CST (or Midnight if you're still up and miss the first one) on CNBC.
Where else can you get such GREAT business advice and inspiration for FREE??!!
Come back here and let me know what you think once you've watched.

Keep me updated on your success!


cindy said...

Shawna is ALWAYS telling me about this guy! I guess I need to watch too. Your aprongs are adorable!


Anonymous said...

Hi sister! I love your blog! I totally would send one in to Rachel Ray - she is the BOMB! I am so proud of you and all your fantastic you tons.