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The Sky is Falling!

It's a beautiful, sunny day in Western Oklahoma. The wind is blowing pretty hard but that's something we've just gotten use to in this part of the world.

In spite of Spencer pulling on his leash to chase the HUGE equipment (what's he thinking?!?) the road construction we've had since October has no signs of being close to completion.

Then today, as I sat here at the store peacefully checking emails and doing bookwork I was suddenly startled by a low, rumbling noise.

The noise grew louder and the rumbling grew worse.


I went to the front door to check out the situation and found this piece of equipment 'pounding' the dirt in front of the store.

The vibrating got worse, and worse, and WORSE!

I know only a few of you have been to the store but believe me when I tell you...


And it's not all mine! I have 30 dealers!

So you'll all get a big laugh while envisioning me literally running around the store saving pictures on the walls and glassware on the shelves. Glassware that that was actually vibrating right off the shelves!

The walls were shaking, the windows were shaking, even the floor was vibrating!!

I felt like Chicken Little!

HOLY COW!! What an ordeal!!

...never a dull moment!...


Simply Divas said...

Oh how I wish I could of been a bly on the wall to see that! I hope you got it all saved! LOL! You are SUPERWOMAN!!!!!!! I'm sure you did!
Glad you updated your blog. Now, I'll go update mine that hasn't been updated since hmmmm....about April! OOPS!
So glad to see you in Canton!
Loved all your new posts!

Simply Divas said...

oops....meant to say "fly on the wall!" lOL! said...

Hey Honey!! You can come be a fly on the wall ANYTIME!!! I had a great visit in Canton too. I miss ya like crazy!!