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Deep in the Heart...

I recently had the opportunity to spend time back in Waco.

It was a bittersweet time.
Sad time spent grieving with my 'sister-friend' Deb and her family
over the loss of our Me-Maw.
And happy times shared with my own Mom, Dad, and sister.

I spent a few hours at Deb's house and
after walking around her yard I just knew I had to
share her little piece of Texas with you.

These are all pictures taken around her home.
And even though it's still early in the spring,
there's a little green peeking through.

It all just screams Texas doesn't it?
Look closely...
Do you see her daddy's boots?

Once the sedum starts growing to fill in this little wagon
it will be such a juxtaposition against the rusty metal hanging from the tree.
Love It!
Don'tcha just love old rusty stuff and cactus--or is it cacti? hmmmm.

Beautiful old cemetery fencing is
just the right touch around this cactus garden.

Just the right touches of wood, metal, and glass...
...and even a flower bed! {snicker}

not every Texan owns a horse.
But a hitchin' post is always a great touch.

Gosh I had such a wonderful visit.
And though I was born and raised in Austin
it was in Waco that I spent the last 20 years
and raised my own family before we moved to Oklahoma.
I didn't realize how much I loved Waco until I was back there again.

Oh, how I miss home.
I guess, as the saying goes, "You can take the Girl out of Texas,
But you can't take Texas out of the Girl".

A Big Texas Hug to Ya!

1 comment:

mattiecakes said...

To my dear friend, Cheryl! As a transplant to OK from MT, I so know what you are talking about. I clearly hear my mother saying, "oh, Nancy, when you have kids of your own, it will change...OK will become home." Now I hate to argue with my mom, but my kids are grown and that pain of "home" still lingers. Even though my actual home is gone and my parents are no longer living, I have to be honest and say that it just has not gone away. I have tears in my eyes now, as you know what a softie I am! Enjoy TX and love your family all you can. Love you, Nancy