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Bustin' Buttons

I am just bustin' buttons with pride over my little great-niece. She's just one of the three beautiful children that belong to my niece. We just love spending time with all of them and they make us feel so special (my niece's youngest even gave me my newest nickname "LaLa"). Each of her children are truly beautiful and have such magnetic personalities. You are just drawn to them.

Anyway...I digress...

Here is last year's Glamour Shots ad featuring my niece (that's her face on the left)

And this is the television commercial that was released in Oklahoma on Thanksgiving Day. My niece is the little girl praying (twice).

The sweetest part of the whole thing is that she was sincerely praying. She is a kind-hearted, sweet-spirited girl who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. God has truly blessed our family!

Thanks for letting me share!

1 comment:

Amy~ said...

Thanks you for your sweet's so weird to turn thr channel and she MY daughter on T.V. We are proud :). I love your blog and keep checking back for a new post from you, get to it!