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Can You Say Awesome?!

I'm a true believer that God brings people into your life for a reason. And He's really blessed me with some AMAZINGLY talented friends.

Today I just have to brag a little bit on my newest friend Adrienne. She's actually The Dreamin' Bohemian and I met her when she moved into one of the shops on The Mountain in Canton, TX.

You know, I'd always thought that I was kind of artistic but I've come to realize that I'm like a finger-painting kindergartener sitting in a college level class with Adrienne. See, I can pretty much paint most anything--IF--I can look at it. But Adrienne dreams it, sketches it, and paints it up. Just like that! She is SO DANG CREATIVE!! She amazes me with every project.

Just take a look at her latest creations:

See! I told you she was talented! You can find even more of her neat designs on her website Dreamin' Bohemian or in her Dreamin-Bohemian ebay store.

And her sons are just as gifted! Her middle son Tucker can make anything he sets his mind to. In the short time I've know him I've watched him create macrame bracelets, pencil drawings, and clay sculptures. I hear he's creating all kinds of things with duct tape now.

So, I think I know the reason God brings friends into our lives...It's to make us better people and Adrienne is one of my friends that has done that for me.

Tomorrow I get to talk about another of my incredibly talented friends Nancy! Stay Tuned!!

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

Girl!!! You are killin me! So sweet of you to post that, and now I am blushing!
Tucker gave his girlfriend a dozen duct tape roses yesterday. :) So sweet....
You are ONE AMAZING GIRL YOURSELF!!! You inspire ME everyday!