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Remembering Who's In Charge

Well, I had an especially upsetting day yesterday at the store and when I arrived at work this morning this is what greeted me in my flower pot at the front door.

Even with below freezing temps last week...less than adequate water over the weekend...and unintentional neglect...

...I felt as if God said, "Look what I left for you! I hope you love it!"


Tiffany said...

So fitting Mom! How Beautiful! Hope the rest of your day is as beautiful.

Nancy said...

Hey, Cheryl... beautiful flower for a beautiful friend! God has a plan much bigger than one day of our life on earth. We've all experienced what you went through, but I know you'll be smiling when I see you next! You're the best!

LINDA said...

Cheryl ~ ~ ~ How can we ever forget that first Craft Show ~ ! or our first trip to Bentonville, you've come a long way baby~ !
YOU ARE AMAZING ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Wish there was more than 24 hours in a day so you could accomplish all those ideas bouncing around in your head
Linda ~ ~ ~ ~ ~