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Apronality's LIVE and Online!


Apronality Aprons are now available online!

We had our first photo-shoot on Saturday with my
'Ever So Patient and DARLING' nieces and next door neighbor.
They are all three JUST THE CUTEST THINGS!
(You know, if you didn't know better you'd
think they were all related!)

Don't they make my aprons look GOOD!?!
(Gosh I'm blessed to have such good
friends and such a sweet, sweet family!)

And boy were we a whirlwind of activity!
Between Amy and I we filled the rolls of:
Wardrobe, Makeup, Photographer, Set Designer, Staging, and Hair Stylist!
All in a span of 4 Hours because we had a soccer game deadline!
Aaaaacckk! {pulling hair out!}

So now, my friends, I want to invite you to my
Etsy store ( to view my newest Apronality Aprons.
I hope you love 'em!

Be sure to bookmark the site as I'll be adding new fabrics and photos
as often as I can grab the girls for pics!



Lisa said...

Cheryl they are just the cutest aprons and you are right the girls are absolutely precious!

mattiecakes said...

Hi my friend Cheryl! Great pics of adorable subjects and your aprons look fantastic!!
Your friend Nancy!

Michelle said...

Mom those pics are so cute! love ya! chell

Anonymous said...

Okay ~ You have the cutest family and neighbor ~ But you have out done yourself with the aprons.The shoot went well and the pictures are so cute. I would say you are ready to Rock and Roll. I think you are ready to take the country with Apronality.
Linda ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Anonymous said...

It's time...:0)