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Hello My Friends!!

You know, life has been crazier than normal (is that possible?)
around The Mulberry Bush lately.

In the past couple of weeks I've had my fair share of craziness. 

First we had a robbery (or burglary, or theft, or break-in--what's the difference I wonder?)
at the store when one of my dealer's showcases was broken into DURING WORKING HOURS! Seriously!
I wasn't here at the time but the poor girl who was working for me
was just devastated--as was the dealer, of course.
So, we've been through the whole police reporting, picture taking,
pawn shop reporting, documenting thing.

And just when I thought things had calmed down...

As I sat at my computer this afternoon I heard a small 'tinkling' of glass.
"Hmmmm", I said to myself, "What was THAT?"
I stepped outside to find that one entire section of my plate glass
window was cracked and separated from top to bottom. {BIIIIG sigh}
So we've spent the afternoon taping and repairing, as best we could,
until we can get the glass replaced.

But, ACTUALLY, enough about ME!
What I REALLY wanted to post about was to let you all know
That I will be having a Guest Blogger!
Yep! You read it right!
My very next post will be written by...'ll see!
I've just called to tell her the good news and
I bet her armpits are sweating already {grin}.

Oooh! I'm SOOOO excited!!
This will be SO Much Fun!

Stay Tuned!!

And Have a Blessed, Blessed Thanksgiving!
Be Safe!



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