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Ever pick up a magazine and find an article/project inside
 that was so inspiring that you just couldn't WAIT to try it for yourself?

Well that's just what happened to me a week
or so ago when I got one of my favorite mags in the mail.

Here's the inspiration:

And here's what I made:

I had SO much fun!

Just using scraps of this and tidbits of that.
Old keys, sheet music, jacks, broken Christmas lights,
broken jewelry, and on, and on...

And what a great way to show off your favorite brooches, pins, and other jewelry!

Sorry my pictures weren't better.
I had to take them with my cell phone
because I sold both snowmen so quickly that I didn't
have time to take great pics.

But, no worries.
I will be making more snowmen later this week
and will post some good pictures and links to my website
where I'll be listing them for sale as soon as they're ready!

I have to tell you, though.
They were FUN! FUN! FUN to make!!!
Try it! But here's a warning: It's addicting!
Altered Art is THE BEST!

Hugs til later!


Anonymous said...

Hi my friend Cheryl... Just checking in to see what's new. Hey, I can actually vouch that you did make those and talk about cute!! Step up production, girl!
On to my Pioneer Woman!
Love ya,
your friend Nancy

The Charm House said...

I love this idea!!! So cute and I am going to have to find this magazine! I love it!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH ~ ! Those are just to~ ~ ~ CUTE ~ ! ! ! ! I can't wait till I get home YOU BETTER HAVE SOME MADE so I can see them. The things you come up with. Stacy says you are the best thing since velcro. She can't beleive one person CAN DO EVERYTHING.

Tiffany said...

Best thing sense velcro...what a compliment! Too cute mom! You know who collects snow men....ME! So I need one of those.

Sharon/primthyme said...

How clever !! Thank you !!

Prim Hugs & Blessings,

Joy Zaczyk said...

The snowman bottles are awesome!!