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I guess some comment thingamajigger on my settings
 somehow exceeded something and some of you
haven't been able to comment.

The fact that many of you haven't been able to tell me
what your best gift ever was makes me REALLY SAD!!!
(But a SUPER BIG thank you goes out to those of you
who subscribed instead.)
And if you want to try again to comment 
for the Giveaway the problem has been fixed. still have ONE MORE DAY!!

So, stay tuned!

Tomorrow night, (Thursday Nov. 6th)
at the stroke of 7 I will be drawing from all the
 commenters, followers, subscribers, and blog-linkers.
Oh My Gosh!! I'm excited just thinking about it!)
And I will post the winners IMMEDIATELY after they're drawn.
(I know, the suspense will be killing me too!)

But, before I go, I have to tell you...
...Your comments have been AMAZING!

And Girls!...
What GREAT gifts you've gotten!!!

(I'm just thankful that I didn't
have to choose a winner based on 'The Best Gift Ever Received'!)

But I AM glad that we all got to take a minute
to remember our 'Best Gifts' and to share them with each other!

Thank you SO, SO much for taking the time
to introduce yourselves to me and please come back often!
I love new friends!

Happy Hugs!

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