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It's Cookie Swap Time!

Here it is! Finally! The long-awaited
"Cookie Swap Blog! "

It's really quite a lengthy blog. And I apologize for that.
But it was just So, So, So wonderful!
I had to share every moment!
And I know it's a little late (most of you know by now that I lost my first hour-and-a-half's worth of work on this post and had to start over again).
So bear with me (Amy), 'cause, "I'M JUST ONE GIRL!" ~grin~ "AND I'M GONNA' BE A GRAMMA!" (sorry, I just HAD to say that again!)

Anyway, it's no secret that I'm indebted for life to Sandy, Billy, and Amy for many things.
But most recently for making my vision
of the 'best cookie swap ever!' a reality.
I'm truly blessed to have such a great family that I also enjoy as friends.

Okay, so like I mentioned before, I decided in November to have my girlfriends over for a Holiday Cookie Swap.
It was going to be SO MUCH FUN!
'Cause I have the best girlfriends EVER! And I wanted them to know it!
Now, because we all know that I can't do anything 'simply'--I don't think that word's even in my vocabulary!--I've decided that I should start things off with a really neat invitation.
And because I'm SO all about Altered Art these days I tried my hand at an Altered Art invite.
I stayed late at the store every night for a week to work on them
but the end result was SO worth the effort.
Now how fun is this?!? Like an interactive invitation! Take a look:
Okay, so the invitations have been sent, the food has been bought, and...Praise the Lord (again) for Billy, Sandy, and Amy...the house is almost cleaned and ready.

But wait! We've still got a day or so before the swap. So what if we were to create a really special little gift that the girls can take home with them.
You know...just a small, little thing (sure!) to show them how much I care.
Something fun and different.
I have to thank my girlfriend Donna in Texas (who sadly wasn't able to come) for suggesting a memory book. It was BRILLIANT! It's JUST the thing! Let's get started!

But it can't be just ANY memory book. Oh no....
my mind is too full of ideas...and I have to do them all!

Why don't we continue with our theme and make Altered Art Memory Books! Yeah!!
Oh, I was in Heaven!!
Sandy, Amy, Kaylie, and I cut, sewed, punched, stamped, and glued
to create the CUTEST little books ever!
You'll see!

And would you believe, we made them out--of all things--paper lunch bags!
Now when we originally started making them
they were all going to be the same.
But Amy got CRAZY on me (I think I've created a new crafter!!)
and just 'went to town' creating all kinds of adorable books!
She was SO GOOD!!

Well, the bar had been set then! We weren't about to be outdone!
We all put our 'best crafter hats' on
and made every one of the 10 books different.

I have to tell you "THEY ARE SO DANG CUTE!!!"

And the neatest thing about using the paper bags is that each bag forms the cutest little pockets! Great for storing photos...notes...or Hello?!?... Cookie Swap Recipes!

It took until 2am to get them finished. But wait 'til you see how they look!
You'll love 'em!

Okay, here they are...aren't they just FANTABULOUS!?!
Okay so it's Sunday and,as I said before, the invitations have been sent, the RSVP's received, the house cleaned, the food bought, and my little gifts all ready for giving.

It's almost time for the Cookie Swap!!!

But Wait!!! I haven't made MY cookies yet! Now how did THAT happen?

"Billy, could you make my cookies for me while I finish up the last-minute details?"

"You can?! Oh thank you SO much!"

"Wait, What?"

"You knew last week that I'd be asking you to make them for me?"

"Seriously?" Hmmmm.

That's amazing! I didn't even know it last week!

He knows me better than I know myself.

That's scary!

What a wonderful man I married! Because when the first batch of cookies didn't turn out quite right he went to the store for more ingredients to try again. I love this man!
Oh! It's Time!! My Girlfriends are Here!!!!

It's "Happy Cookie Swap Day"!!

And Here We Are!
(left to right) Marsha, Donna, Linda, Cheryl, Amy, Nancy, Linda, & Sandy

Oh! And before I forget...we also had two VERY special wouldn't have been the same without them!

Once we sat down to eat, Sandy had each of the girls talk about "the funniest or most memorable moment spent with Cheryl".
Now THAT was funny! And kinda' wierd at the same time--like I wasn't even there!
But in the end it turned out to be the neatest thing!
Because most of the things remembered were things I'd totally forgotten about!
And it was so touching!

Oh, and by the way, of course lunch was DELICIOUS (Billy and Sandy)!!
While I was at work making copies of recipes for Amy
they were preparing a Waldorf Chicken Salad on Croissants, a delicious salad with a Raspberry Vinegarette Dressing, and little individual Trifles for dessert (thanks Mindy!).

As if we needed Trifle!!

Hello!! We had COOKIES!

Each girl brought 10 dozen cookies and 10 copies of their recipe (along with the reason why they chose that recipe) to swap with the other girls.
Since 2 girls weren't able to come (missed ya!) each one of us had a couple of dozen extra cookies to take back home (aren't our families happy now!).

Take a look at the goodies...Can these girls make some cookies or what?!? Mmmm...Mmmm...Mmmm!!! Aren't they GREAT!?!

I have to tell you. We had SO much fun! The time went by SO fast! We should do this more often!!
Why is it that there's never enough time for girlfriends?!?
Whether it's an outing for the day, a pajama party, a brunch, a bunco game
I HIGHLY recommend 'Girlfriend Time'.
There's nothing like it!
God Blessed us with good friends. Let's Enjoy Them!
Thanks Girls!!


Shawna said...

Everything looks fabulous!!!! Great work and I'm sure everyone had a great time. Take care,

Michelle said...

I LOVE it! Soo cute mom! Plus, I really enjoy your writing, I feel like I was there! But, I wasnt :( Miss you!

CresceNet said...

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Amy said...

What an excellent review of the cookie swap! Now I understand why you were so bummed about losing the first attempt. You're so cute, I love your details. I'm so glad I could be a part of it. I'm off to go look at your ebay listings...:0)