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This Little Piggy...

...went to Market!
Whewww!! What a whirlwind week!

I headed south to Texas on Monday to spend the week shopping at Antique Malls, Fabric Wholesalers, and Dallas Wholesale Market. So much to do and so little time!!!
I stopped in Waco to visit my parents' new home. Yeah, go figure...I LEAVE Waco and THEN they decide to move there. They've moved out to the country and it's JUST BEAUTIFUL there! Check out the view from their back yard!...

I didn't want to leave and stayed a day longer than I'd originally planned. But I HAD to get to Dallas for Market...time was running out!

So off I went. Determined to see every showroom. To scour every nook and cranny to find unique items for the store. HAH! WHAT WAS I THINKING??!!??
I've been to Market before, I know how GYNORMOUS the place is. But I'm such an optimist. I just KNEW I could do it. (HAH!! Again!) Take a look at the task I'd put in front of me...

This is the World Trade Center in Dallas. It houses 15 floors of showrooms. I don't know how many square feet it encompasses but I CAN tell you IT'S A LOT!!

My friend Linda and I 'hit the ground running' on my first day. I had a spring in my step and determination in my mind. We walked, browsed, walked, shopped, walked, and (did I mention...walked) to search as many showrooms as we could. Wait...It's time to leave already? Okay, well, there's always tomorrow.

And tomorrow came SO quickly! I was out of the house again at 5:45am because Dallas Traffic SUCKS!

I was alone today and I REALLY covered some ground!
I only sat down one time all day (I'd better have lost some weight with all this walking!) and, once again, the day slipped by way too fast.

Although I didn't get to every showroom I wanted to see, I did find some great products and I brought the girls back on my last day for their help in the final decisions.
I'm really excited with the items I found and can't wait to get them in to share with you on my website and in the store!

Stay Tuned!

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

Wellllll, Girl....All I can say, is you SERIOUSLY LOVE to SHOP! :)