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Whew! The crown is all but finished. But I'm not sure if it's what I envisioned. What do you think?

I'm calling it "Crown Molding on a Budget" because we used anaglypta wallpaper border instead of layers of molding to make it look more substantial.
First we hung the border:

Then Billy added the corner pieces so we wouldn't have to make those detailed cuts to the wood. Then he added the top and bottom pieces of wood and painted everything white. This is the end result:

See, I'm thinking that there should be another piece of moulding just under the top piece. Maybe some dental moulding? I'm afraid the wallpaper is too tall proportionately to the top piece of moulding.
I'm really proud of the job Billy did. We learned a lot about what NOT to do so we'll get better with each project.
Any suggestions?

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I think it looks SO good! Great job to you both!