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We Shopped 'til we Dropped

Who doesn't love a bargain? Or the search for trash to treasure items?!? It's my ABSOLUTE most favorite thing to do.

Isn't 'the hunt' is about as much fun as the end result?

And hunt, hunt, hunt we did!
It was New Year's Day, and we were off, so Sandy, Amy, I went thrift store shopping FOR SEVEN HOURS!! Can you believe it? We had SUCH A GREAT TIME! We only quit because our guys were getting a little tired of being home with the kids--and without us, of course!
We shopped, and shopped, and shopped. Yep! Seven hours and 4 thrift stores later this is what we came home with...

(I'll let you in on a little secret...there were about half again as many bags still in the back of my car). ssshhh...don't tell Billy

"What in the World??", you say.

Well, we got clothes for the kids and ourselves, and everything else was either to be sold on ebay, sold at the antique mall, or fashioned into a new treasure or altered art.

It's all home and sorted now. I've been busy cleaning, pricing, and listing. Once that's all finished then I get to 'play'. Time for creating treasures.

I'll post projects as I complete them (in my 'spare'--what is that?--time).

Meanwhile...I leave Sunday for my next adventure!!! Dallas Wholesale Market! More to come...

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