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Finally...Some Time to Create

I promised you more pictures.

So, here they are...

The first is a diaper cake that I made for Cohen's baby shower.

I've never been a fan of the diaper cakes made with disposable diapers.

They always looked lumpy and unfinished.

So I was really worried about creating one for the shower.


Cover the diapers up!


Well, I took some birth announcements I got at a garage sale
and cut out the center section to make a frame.

Then I glued them end to end, added some embellishments,
and wrapped them around the diapers.

And Voila! No more lumpy, unfinished diapers!

All I needed now was something really special to top it off.

And I found 'just the thing'!

A baby bottle filled with little blue cigar gum came from
one of my FAVORITE Texas Stores.

(man I really miss H.E.B!!!!)

I added a few final embellishments and 'color me finished' I was DONE!

Heeeere is my diaper cake...

The next project was one that I hadn't planned on doing.

I was just helping out.

Tif's in-laws gave her the most ADORABLE door wreath

made out of diapers, a stuffed monkey, and ribbon, and washcloths, and all kinds of fun stuff!

It was TRULY the CUTEST, CUTEST door wreath EVER!

Until it got knocked off the door and broken by the anesthesiologist.

I tried to salvage the pieces so I could remake it but it just didn't happen.
So, I made a replacement door wreath.

Even though I tried to use most of the items from the original wreath

I wasn't able to reuse the diapers.

So I hung streamers instead.

It wasn't nearly as cute as the original

but it made the door look too, too cute!
P.S. The Soccer Balls were compliments of Grandaddy!

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