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Staying Busy


So I'm here at Tif's.
Just lovin' on my new grandson.
And trying to stay busy with all the projects we've been planning to do
all these months but just never had the time.

And now my time is running out.

So I thought I'd give you a sneak peak
of some of the things we've been working on in Cohen's nursery.

The first project was one that really means a lot to me.
I've saved the girls' layette (or 'changing table' as it's called these days)
for 28 years now.
Hoping that I'd get the chance to use it again.


So, here it is!...Tif's changing table from 28 years ago...a true vintage piece!
And here's what it looks like after a face lift...

Then, we needed bedding.
So Tif found these bumper pads at a thrift store and we used those, plus a shower curtain, a tablecloth, random fabric, and a corduroy jumper (another thrift store find) to create bedding for his crib and his cradle.
This is what we had to work with...

And this is what we made...

And here's his cradle (another thrift store find)...

It's late so that's all I'll post for now.
Hopefully, tomorrow I can post pictures of a couple of other things
I've made for him in my spare time (whatever THAT is!)

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