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God Answers Prayer!

Thank you my friends!

Thank you so very much!

God has heard our prayers!

We just got in from Tif's OB and Cardiologist appointments and both Dr.'s gave her glowing reports!

The official diagnosis is Atypical (or 'a-TIF-ical' as I've been calling it) Postpartum Preeclampsia.

The OB said she is doing great and the risk of relapse will get lower and lower over the next two weeks.

And the cardiologist gave her a 'two thumbs up' and said he did not see any signs of cardiomyopathy (or any heart damage for that matter!). He gave the A-OK and said he just wanted to see her again in 6 months just to make sure she was still doing great.

So I'd like to thank you all so, so much for your kind words, emails, text messages, phone calls, and most especially your prayers.

God has truly blessed us with great friends!

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jennai said...

This looks tasty and beautiful. Thanks for the recipe. I will make it this weekend