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Jungle Fever

I'm not getting Jungle Fever.

Tif won't let me.

I'm painting some things on Cohen's wall but Tif is adamant that we stick to a select few animals and a quote.

No murals.

No 'Mom's gone overboard'.

Just the basics.


So here's what I have to work with...

A giraffe, a lion, a quote,
and five little monkeys playing, peeking over stripes, and swinging from vines
(and believe me...I REALLY had to do a lot of talking to get vines--grin)

Everything is finished except the monkeys and vines.
And I don't think I'll get those finished on this trip
since I haven't even drawn them up yet and I'm leaving tomorrow.
So you'll have to wait to see those pictures.

But here's what I've painted so far...

Tif found the picture of the giraffe online (isn't it so sweet looking down into the crib?) and I found the lion as a graphic and I added more dimension.

I think Cohen will really enjoy looking at the lion during diaper changes.

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