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To All My New TipJunkie Friends!

For any of you who don't know about TipJunkie.
You'll have to go check it out!
It is just FULL (and I mean FULL) of great ideas!

While You're There.
Be sure to check out the Mom-preneur Shop-a-Thon!

Your friends and family will LOVE all the amazing and thoughtful gifts you'll find there.
Plus, you'll be supporting other moms & bloggers.
Isn't that GREAT!!

And, seriously. Isn't it always more fun to buy from other women?
(Especially when they love the same things we do!)

So, a Big Fat Thank You! goes out to Laurie at TipJunkie
for listing my Blogoversary Giveaway on her website.

I am already meeting new friends and LOVE your comments!
(Isn't it fun to think back and remember your best gifts?)
(It's like getting them all over again!)

So Best of Luck Girlfriends!
My fingers are crossed for all of you!


1 comment:

Lisa said...

Hey Cheryl! You know I couldn't even begin to tell you what my best present was. Was it those white vinyl go-go boots when I was 10? Was it my wedding ring? Was it the birth of my children? You know Since Mike's accident I have come to realize that every new day is a gift from God. How wonderful is that? I love you!!!