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Happy Father's Day!

I've been quite busy these few weeks getting projects finished for my niece Allyn's wedding.
Today it was painting the banner that will hang off the head-table during the reception.

But, enough about that later...

Mostly, I wanted to say Happy Fathers Day to the two most special men in my life.

I want to thank my Dad for being such a good listener and for being so supportive and encouraging me to pursue my dreams. And boy do I dream BIG!!!
Love You Dad!!

And special thanks go to Billy for being simply the BEST husband and father we girls could ever haved dreamed of! You've sacrificed more than we will EVER know just to make our lives more magical. You Totally Rock!!

Hugs and Kisses to my special guys!
And a Happy Fathers Day wish to all of the special men in your lives.

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