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Here's My Sign!!

It's a Red Letter Day!!

FINALLY... After all this time...we've raised the sign in front of the store!

It's been a real logistical challenge.
And finally THAT challenge became a reality.

I found a great website for a company called Build-a-Sign.

On their site you can design your own affordable signs, banners, magnets, etc.!
In full color!! At no extra charge!

So that's just what I did!

It's not the first time I've used them. And I haven't been disappointed yet.

I've been so pleased with their service and attention to detail
that I've used them to order banners for Canton, Junior Service League,
and now my Antique Mall.

When I placed my first order it was for a banner for Canton.
I thought I had done everything just right.
But once the guys at Build-a-Sign saw the file that I uploaded they knew I wouldn't be pleased with the outcome so they e-mailed me right away.


They worked with me for several days until we came up with a banner in the right format



I designed a banner for the Antique Mall and ordered 2 (one for each side of the sign).

Once I got them in Billy and I spent the day mounting them to plywood.
Now...building the sign was really a piece of cake.

It was the raising it that was really giving us problems.
See, there is already a sign on the property that belongs to the store next door.
So...if I was going to put up a sign, it had to go UP...
ABOVE the sign that was already there.
Now how in the heck are we gonna' do THAT??!?
Mildly put...
...we're short.
And I'm afraid of heights.
Solution? Call a friend.
Within a matter of 10 minutes Craig and a couple of his friends had my sign in place!!
Seriously!! I barely had time to grab the camera. They were AMAZING!!
Some folks might consider the whole process to be Jeff Foxworth material.
True to the 'Southern Bubba Style' they actually backed their pickup between the poles of the sign...stood on the pickup toolbox...and RAISED MY SIGN!
It was brilliant! Made a southern girl proud!
So...For your enjoyment...HERE'S MY SIGN!!!

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