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Maybe life was slowing down a little
...hahahahah! That's really funny!!

Well, maybe life was getting a little boring
(No, actually, that totally cracks me up!!)

Seriously, my niece Allyn is getting married.
And we (all her aunts & girl cousins)wanted to honor her by giving her
a Lingerie Shower... Luncheon...PARTY...EXTRAVAGANZA!!

The only problem...she lives 8 hours away.
Okay...could be difficult...but not impossible!
We'll just pack a 'Shower-to-Go'!

(Hey, wait...did I just come up with a new phrase?!?--nahh, probably not.)
Sorry--stay with me here.
Since the two aunts (Sandy & Sharon) weren't able to daughters and niece Amy were more than excited to tag right along with me.
Now, I have to ask....
....Have you ever given a 'long-distance shower'?
Then you know what I mean when I say HOLY SMOKES!!
You have to think of EVERYTHING!!!

I must be out of my mind!! (shut-up!)

Okay, so since many of you know that I am such a tedious planner
(chuckle, chuckle, followed by obnoxious bursts of laughter)
you won't be surprised to hear that I had spent weeks planning
and making lists & purchases
so that 'no butter mint would be left unturned'!
This was for Allyn.
And it had to be perfect!
So we packed. And we packed. And we packed.
Dishes, tablecloths, napkins, silverware, ingredients, serving pieces,
flower vases, gifts, favors, even mixing bowls and mixer
(because we were preparing the food in the hotel).

We arrived in College Station on Friday evening
and the whirlwind of activity began.

  • We met Allyn & James for dinner,

  • made a mad dash to Sam's Club before they closed,

  • checked into the hotel,

  • unloaded the car,

  • made a late-night run to Wal-Mart for all the ingredients,

  • and started preparing the food.
It was just a few hours after dark-thirty by the time we crawled into bed
but we were right on schedule
(thanks to some brilliant planning--grin)

All planning aside, I'm sure I wasn't the most popular girl in the room
when I woke Amy, Tif & Chell up on Saturday morning.
They were still exhausted from driving, shopping, and cooking from the day before.
I felt like The Task Master...but "up and at 'em!" we had a luncheon to give!

We got to Allyn's apartment and the transformation began.
We moved furniture, prepared food, set up tables & chairs,
and started 'foo-fooing' everything up...
...So after much anticipation...
Heeeerrrre's The Shower!

Here's one of the place settings:

Each guest received a tiara votive candle, a candy-filled 'glass' slipper, a tea infuser, and demitasse spoon as keepsakes from the day.

Each guest also got their own little 'cupcake in a cup'.
Now 'How Cute Is That!?!'

And a special thanks goes out to Sharon's friend Diana in New York
who made these ADORABLE sugar cubes!

We served chicken salad on croissant sandwiches,
a raspberry vinegarette Waldorf salad,
chocolate covered strawberries,
white chocolate strawberry dessert cheeseball,
a really delicious strawberry lemonade (straight from Paula Deen's magazine),
and for dessert we had a chocolate and vanilla trifle.
White Chocolate Strawberry Dessert Cheeseball
& Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

Can you EVER have enough chocolate covered strawberries?

I made little tussie mussie corsages for each guest.
But I secretly placed a small gold ring in one of the corsages
so a special gift would be given to the guest
who had the ring in her corsage
(well, unless you're ME --
and didn't pin on the corsage that actually had the ring in it!!)
It was such a great idea and I REALLY, REALLY didn't think
I'd left the winning corsage sitting on the tray! (Grrrrr!).

No one seemed to care and truly, everything turned out just as beautiful as I'd hoped!

we were able to create a really special memory for a really special girl!
Here's to Allyn and 'Showers-to-Go'!!


Tiffany said...

It really was fun! We look forward to our little adventures with you mom. Wonder what will be next!?

Anonymous said...

Can you say...."OVER THE TOP CHERYL STYLE!!!". Wow, what an awesome shower. You divas did a splendid job and I'm sure it made your neice feel very very special.
You ROCK!!!

Thelma said...

Hey Girl,
I want to hire you to come work for me!!! I could use someone with a ceative imagination to do some things at my weddings. I am running out of ideas after all these years. However, now you HAVE to start thinking about little boys parties. They are not much on lace and flowers, and smell good stuff or pretty food. Good luck, hopefully you can do better than I did. With 4 sons, you kinda run low on ideas. Girls are soooo much eaiser. YOU will find something wonderful and rough I am sure.

Great Pics.

Love ya,