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Please Pray

Hello My Friends,

I write today with a fearful heart.

You've read my posts for months and months now so you are all familiar with my sister-in-laws Sandy & Sharon. Sandy & Sharon are my husband's older twin sisters and we have spent many, many fun times with each other over the last 30 years.

Sharon (who lives in New York) suffered a heart attack and had triple bypass surgery about 3 weeks ago. She's been recovering pretty well and Sandy & Amy left this past Saturday to spend the next couple of weeks with her.

However, once they got off the plane they drove straight to the emergency room because Sharon had been admitted with breathing problems. The Dr.'s drained 2 liters of fluid from her lung and we thought all was well. She was sitting up in bed visiting and we expected her to be released later that evening.

That was not the case. Sharon's oxygen levels began dropping and the next thing we knew she was being intubated and placed on life support.

Many of you have met Sharon before and know what an amazing woman she is and what a giving spirit she has. She is a faithful servant of God, a loving wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend.

I am writing now to ask you to take a moment to pray for God to work through her to give her the strength she needs to fight through this. And also a prayer that The Lord will give the doctors the wisdom they need and that He will guide their hands so that she can be healed.

In times like this we reach out to the ones we love the most so I'm asking you for your help.

Love You!



Anonymous said...

Oh my... Cheryl and family.....I'm am extremely sorry about Sharon's health. She is such a delightful lady and I feel blessed to have met her when she was at my store that Thanksgiving weekend.
This is just heartbreaking and unbelieveable! I know God will truly heal her and make her well. I will keep you all in my prayers. Please tell Sandy I'm thinking of her. Lots of love and hugs,

Adrienne said...

Hi Cheryl, you and your family are in my prayers. Love you all!

Adrienne said...
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