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We Found a Pink Cloverleaf!

I-I-I-I know...

Work before Play.

And that was our plan.

My sister-in-law Sandy and I were on our way to open the store in Canton.

We left early because we had a long way--and a long day--ahead of us.

As we approached Ardmore, Oklahoma I remembered
that there was a really, really, REALLY neat boutique
called The Cloverleaf.

I'd been wanting to take Sandy there for a really long time.

So we pulled off the interstate and were greeted by a sea of pink! Fabulous Cotton Candy Pink!

From the pink bicycle-lined driveway to the enchanting pink castle
we were immediately swept up in the whimsy!

We were out of the car in a flash!
We oooh-ed and aahhh-ed at all of the unique, eclectic, funky items
scattered along the front of the store.

There was so much to take in!
We couldn't wait to see what was waiting for us inside!

We were so 'caught up in the coolness'
that we literally tripped over the sign in the entryway.

Store Hours 10am-6pm.

It's only 9:15! We don't have the time to wait 45 minutes.

Sandy said, "Nooo!!! I want to see! Knock on the door
and tell them that we're traveling
and we want to come inside!" (Gotta love her!)

Okay, quick...come up with Plan B...
...we'll just leave Canton early on Sunday and get back here in time to shop.
Okay...That's a Plan!

And that's just what we did!

It's usually very hard for me to get away from Canton at a decent hour
but we did it and pulled back up to the store on Sunday at 5:15.

I was so proud! We were going to have a whole 45 minutes to shop!

Once again, we were mesmerized by the fun and funkiness of everything we saw!

So, Let's Get Inside!

Wait!!!???!!! What???!!!
How could I be so blind?
They close on Sundays at 5:00!!!
How did I miss that??
Okay...deep breaths....we'll just come up with Plan C...
...Plan C...we'll just have to visit the Cloverleaf store in Oklahoma City
and come back here in June with both sister-in-laws Sandy AND Sharon
when Sharon comes to visit from New York.

I know, I know...all good things are worth the wait.


1 comment:

Adrienne said...

O M G That has got to be the COOLEST Boutique I have EVER SEEN...I want to gooooooo!!!